Commit 1d68c3aa authored by incardon's avatar incardon

Fixing installation on Ubuntu

parent 62456127
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ esac
# First, check SUITESPARSE_LIBS environment variable
if test "x$SUITESPARSE_LIBS" != x; then
save_LIBS="$LIBS"; LIBS="$SUITESPARSE_LIBS -lumfpack -lm -lsuitesparseconfig $RT_LIB"
save_LIBS="$LIBS"; LIBS="$SUITESPARSE_LIBS -lumfpack -lsuitesparseconfig -lm $RT_LIB"
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for umf_l_malloc])
AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC(umf_l_malloc, [ax_suitesparse_ok=yes
SUITESPARSE_LIB="$SUITESPARSE_LIBS -lamd -lbtf -lcamd -lccolamd -lcholmod -lcolamd -lcxsparse -lklu -ldl -lrbio -lspqr -lsuitesparseconfig -lumfpack"], [SUITRSPARSE_LIBS=""])
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