Commit 6e3b4f17 authored by Pietro Incardona's avatar Pietro Incardona
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Fixing detection of SUITESPARSE

parent 51fb0d1f
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ function conf_PETSC()
lin_alg_inc="$lin_alg_inc -I$i_dir/OPENBLAS/include"
if [ -d "$1/SUITESPARSE" -a -f "$1/SUITESPARSE/include/umfpack.h" ]; then
if [ -d "$i_dir/SUITESPARSE" -a -f "$i_dir/SUITESPARSE/include/umfpack.h" ]; then
lin_alg_dir="$lin_alg_dir -L$i_dir/SUITESPARSE/lib"
lin_alg_inc="$lin_alg_inc -I$i_dir/SUITESPARSE/include"
lin_alg_lib="$lin_alg_lib -lumfpack -lamd -lbtf -lcamd -lccolamd -lcholmod -lcolamd -lcxsparse -lklu -ldl -lrbio -lspqr -lsuitesparseconfig"
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