Commit 8da90005 authored by incardon's avatar incardon
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Refactoring pdata with sub-modules

parent d1682087
[submodule "openfpm_vcluster"]
path = openfpm_vcluster
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_devices"]
path = openfpm_devices
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_data"]
path = openfpm_data
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_io"]
path = openfpm_io
url = ssh://
openfpm_data @ 0403a926
Subproject commit 0403a926bfea4432e4d74950a3e4c7ae28418ab2
openfpm_devices @ 5e772382
Subproject commit 5e77238220a0ad397afc8939c85b402c09d8e87b
openfpm_io @ d3a6ccf2
Subproject commit d3a6ccf23ab183d35d77317aba70193ac0ca0bc7
openfpm_vcluster @ 99436bef
Subproject commit 99436bef0af38c208ed27755fa5f6b44eabc4172
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