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# rnblight
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cd /Users/brandl/Dropbox/projects/datautils/R/rnblight
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mv $mdInput ${mdBase}.Rmd
Rscript - <<EOF
knitr::knit('${mdBase}.Rmd', '${mdBase}.md')
idea .
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Frequency tests
* Example: Prop of dieting woman higher than for men?
Proportion Tests
prop.test(x=333, n=1022, conf.level=0.98)
prop.test(x=333, n=1022)
The sample size is 34, of which 19 are females and 15 are males. Therefore, the difference in proportions is 0.1176471.
19/34 - 15/34
prop.test(x=c(19,15), n=c(34,34), correct=FALSE)
## also works for single proportion
#prop.test(x=c(19), n=c(34), correct=FALSE)
#prop.test(x=c(19,15,20), n=c(34,34,34), correct=FALSE)
Also see <>
Nice math intro with t-statistc
Confidence around proportions
> If the samples size n and population proportion p satisfy the condition that np ≥ 5 and n(1 − p) ≥ 5, than the end points of the interval estimate at (1 − α) confidence level is defined in terms of the sample proportion as follows.
CI math is detailed out under
prop.test(x=333, n=1022, conf.level=0.98)
prop.test(x=333, n=1022)
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