Commit a0fbd037 authored by Holger Brandl's avatar Holger Brandl

added dataframe search functions.

parent e2a1df7e
......@@ -262,8 +262,27 @@ replaceNA <- function(x, withValue) { x[] <- withValue; x }
## see
## case-insenstive search all columns of a data-frame with a fixed search term
search_df = function(df, search_term){
apply(df, 1, function(r){
any(str_detect(as.character(r), fixed(search_term, ignore_case=T)))
}) %>% subset(df, .)
## filter a data-frame for those rows where at least one column is matching the given expression (that must evaluate to a boolean vector for each row).
match_df = function(df, search_expr){
filter_fun = eval(substitute(function(x){search_expr}))
apply(df, 1, function(r) any(filter_fun(r))) %>% subset(df, .)
## todo still needed since there's if_else in dplyr now
safe_ifelse <- function(cond, yes, no) {
warning("DEPRECATED Use dplyr::if_else instead")
isfacOrChar <- function(x) class(x) %in% c("factor", "character")
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