Commit b97f0924 authored by Holger Brandl's avatar Holger Brandl
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removed dplyr dependency

parent bc55ab8a
......@@ -11,16 +11,16 @@ suppressMessages(if (!require("docopt")) install.packages("docopt"))
suppressMessages(if (!require("knitr")) install.packages("knitr"))
suppressMessages(if (!require("stringr")) install.packages("stringr"))
suppressMessages(if (!require("rmarkdown")) install.packages("rmarkdown"))
suppressMessages(if (!require("dplyr")) install.packages("dplyr"))
#suppressMessages(if (!require("dplyr")) install.packages("dplyr"))
## test invokation that mimics actual workflow: R --args -e "fsdf.R" "hello sdf" -e
## find the first r document and split up the arguments
allArgs = commandArgs(T)
rdocsInArgs = allArgs %>% str_detect(".R$")
rdocsInArgs = str_detect(allArgs, ".R$")
rmdDocIndex <- allArgs %>% str_detect(".R$") %>% which %>% min
rmdDocIndex <- min(which(rdocsInArgs))
rendrArgs <- allArgs[0:rmdDocIndex]
scriptArgs <- allArgs[-(0:rmdDocIndex)]
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