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added option to specify outputname

parent f533e4dc
......@@ -41,12 +41,13 @@ Use rmarkdown to render R and Rmd into html documents
Usage: rend.R [options] <r_script> [<quoted_script_args>]
--toc Add a table of contents
-c Cache results
-e Collapse code chunks
-w Show warnings
-m Show Messages
--keep Keep generated Rmd and md files
-e Collapse code chunks
-c Cache results
-w Show warnings
-m Show Messages
--toc Add a table of contents
--out <name> Name of html report. By default the name of the R-script is used
--keep Keep generated Rmd and md files
opts <- docopt(doc, args=rendrArgs)
......@@ -132,7 +133,15 @@ opts_chunk$set(
root.dir = getwd()
rmarkdown::render(input=tmpScript,output_file=str_replace(basename(r_script), ".R", ".html"),
reportName=str_replace(basename(r_script), ".R", "")
rmarkdown::render(input=tmpScript,output_file=paste0(reportName, ".html"),
output_format=rmarkdown::html_document(toc = opts$toc, toc_float = opts$toc, code_folding = if(opts$e) "hide" else "show", keep_md=keep_markdown_files),
......@@ -142,5 +151,5 @@ rmarkdown::render(input=tmpScript,output_file=str_replace(basename(r_script), ".
## delete figures directory since all plots should be embedded anyway
#echo("deleteing", paste0(str_replace(basename(r_script), ".R", ""), "_files"))
unlink(paste0(str_replace(basename(r_script), ".R", ""), "_files"), recursive=T)
unlink(paste0(reportName, "_files"), recursive=T)
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