Commit de1fccb9 authored by Holger Brandl's avatar Holger Brandl

added kotlin impl for blast progress estimation

parent 75358d22
......@@ -185,6 +185,43 @@ BlastProgress(){
export -f BlastProgress
kscript - $* <<"EOF"
//DEPS de.mpicbg.scicomp:kutils:0.3
//kotlinc -J-Xmx5g -cp $(expandcp.kts de.mpicbg.scicomp:kutils:0.3)
import de.mpicbg.scicomp.bioinfo.openFasta
import kotlin.system.exitProcess
if(args.size == 0 ){
System.err.println("Usage: blast_progres <fasta> <blastresults>")
val fastaFile= File(args[0])
val blastResults= File(args[1])
//val blastResults=File("dd_Smes_v1__vs__gencodeV25P.csv"); val fastaFile = File("../dd_Smes_v1.fasta")
val fastaIds = openFasta(fastaFile).map { }
val procIds = blastResults.useLines {{ it.split("\t")[0]}.distinct().toList()}
//todo part of kutils0.4
fun Double.format(digits: Int) = java.lang.String.format("%.${digits}f", this)
val pcDone = procIds.size.toDouble()/fastaIds.size
println("Approximately ${pcDone.format(2)} % of ${fastaIds.size} sequences were processed by blast.")
## just retains sequences whose id is in id-file (format: 1id per line)
python -c '
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