Commit 1cb91e4c authored by Lena Hersemann's avatar Lena Hersemann

fixed bug in data import

parent b3338591
......@@ -28,12 +28,12 @@ files_req <- c("dm.rds", "pca.rds", "cell_infos.txt")
if (any(!files_req %in% all_files)) { stop("ATTENTION: please make sure dm.rds, pca.rds and cell_infos.txt exist in your working directory") }
dm <- readRDS("dm.rds")
pca <- readRDS("pca.rds")
infos <- if(file.exists("scater_quality_metrics.txt")) {
dm <- readRDS(file.path(dataPath, "dm.rds"))
pca <- readRDS(file.path(dataPath, "pca.rds"))
infos <- if(file.exists(file.path(dataPath, "scater_quality_metrics.txt"))) {
read_tsv(file.path(dataPath, "scater_quality_metrics.txt"))
} else {
read_tsv(file.path(dataPath, "cell_infos.txt"))
# extract information on numeric values for the violin plots
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