Commit cb521c1f authored by brandl's avatar brandl

fixed setting of `results_prefix`

parent 71039e60
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ assert(is.null(gene_info_file) || file.exists(gene_info_file), "invalid gene_inf
designFormula = opts$design
assert(str_detect(designFormula, "^condition.*")) ## make sure that the condition comes before all batch factors
results_prefix = if (str_length(opts$out) > 0) opts$out else "" # used by add_prefix
if (!is.null(opts$out)){ results_prefix = opts$out }
pcutoff = if (is.null(opts$pcutoff))NULL else as.numeric(opts$pcutoff)
qcutoff = if (is.numeric(pcutoff))NULL else as.numeric(opts$qcutoff)
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