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# Macro Collection for BigStitcher Automation
by Stephan Janosch,,
## stitch_a_day
2 macros for stitching:
- a directory hierarchie full of
- tifs, each containing multiple channels and tiles
Indicate files for stitiching via ***_stitch_*** or any other substring
### MacOs
A directory naming convention like this works
/Volumes/SarovHFSP/2018-09-18 SD1 Andre/TRG_1678/
TRG_1678_16C_to_25C_TimelapseZ_0.tif TRG_1678_@16C_stitch_1.tif
TRG_1678_16C_to_25C_timelapseZ_1.tif TRG_1678_@16C_stitch_2.tif
TRG_1678_@16C_stitch_0.tif TRG_1678_@28C_stitch_0.tif
### Windows
map network drive. Have the days folders in the root of the drive
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