Commit d3f7639b authored by mirandaa's avatar mirandaa
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fix index is not an int problem from std to anaconda python

parent 0ffcc963
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ def isotope(elemC, elemH, elemO, elemN, elemS, elemP, WINDOW_SIZE = 100, RESOLUT
for j in xrange(MAX_ISOTOPES):
if A[i][j,0] != 0:
#removed +1 after R)+1 --we're using python
tA[N.round(A[i][j,0]*R)]=A[i][j,1]#; % put isotopic distribution in tA
tA[int(N.round(A[i][j,0]*R))]=A[i][j,1]#; % put isotopic distribution in tA
#print 'Calculate FFT...'
t0 = time.clock()
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