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Add external call class for testCancelReason command

parent d7d3f33b
package de.mpicbg.scf.sandbox;
//import ij.IJ;
//import ij.ImagePlus;
import net.imagej.ImageJ;
import net.imagej.patcher.LegacyInjector;
public class TestMyCancelableCommand {
static {
// NB: Needed if you mix-and-match IJ1 and IJ2 in this class.
// And even then: do not use IJ1 classes in the API!
public static void main(final String... args) throws Exception {
// Launch ImageJ as usual.
final ImageJ ij = net.imagej.Main.launch(args);
// Show the user interface.
// Open an image.
//ImagePlus blobs = IJ.openImage("");
// Alternately, use ImageJ2:
Object blobs ="");
// Launch the command.
ij.command().run(testCancelReason.class, true);
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