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Commit 6543963e authored by gonciarz's avatar gonciarz

Now PLUGIN trakcs can be read also in csv mode

parent c56a5902
......@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ while true
line = fgetl(infile);
if ~isHeaderLine(line)
a = sscanf(line, '%f', numOfColumns);
%Remove commas - it will alloow to read also csv files.
a = sscanf(strrep(line, ',', ' '), '%f', numOfColumns);
if size(a, 1) == numOfColumns
if (currentTrajNum ~= -1) && (a(2) ~= currentTrajNum)
......@@ -83,11 +83,13 @@ for i = 1:numfiles
% load data from one file
if strcmp(readerType, 'plugin')
disp('Running in PLUGIN mode.');
[tempData, status] = loadDataFromParticleTrackerPlugin(filename,columns,minlen,maxTrackLength);
if ~status
error('Problem with reading tracks')
disp('Running in LEGACY mode.');
tempData = loadData(filename,columns,minlen,maxTrackLength);
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