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......@@ -120,4 +120,50 @@ Running single test within a given test suite:
.. code:: bash
mvn test -Dtest=CSVTest#testWriteAppend
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mvn test -Dtest=CSVTest#testWriteAppend
MosaicSuite documentation is using `Sphinx <>`__ documentation generator.
Documentation is written using reStructuredText markup language (.rxt files) and with Sphinx magic it is easy to convert to HTML or PDF version.
Software needed to generate documentation
Sphinx requires *make* command, *python* and several libraries. Here are needed steps to install all needed packages using *conda*:
- Create and activate new conda environment:
.. code:: bash
conda create -n MosaicSuiteDoc
conda activate MosaicSuiteDoc
- Install needed libraries:
.. code:: bash
conda install sphinx
conda install recommonmark
conda install sphinx_rtd_theme
Generating documentation
Generating documentation is as easy as running *make* command.
To see all possible targets go to ``doc/`` directory of your cloned MosaicSuite code and run:
.. code:: bash
To generate HTML pages run:
.. code:: bash
make html
After command is finished in directory ``build/html/`` will be documentation in HTML format ready to deploy server.
And that's it!
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