Commit 28826a62 authored by gonciarz's avatar gonciarz
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File with results is now save after each iteration of PIP

parent bbf0eb87
......@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@ for n = degreeRange
J = J+1;
clear tree GP PP %release memory
outputFileString = "benchInterpolation_deg_" + degreeStart+"-"+degreeStep+"-"+degreeStop+"_dim_"+dimension+"_lp_"+lpDegree+"_decomp_"+decomp+"_rndPts_"+numOfRandom;
save(outputFileString, 'DATA', 'degreeRange');
save(outputFileString + '_testPoints', 'randPts', 'randPtsNotShifted', 'degreeRange', 'numOfDataPts');
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