Commit 028521df authored by Pietro Incardona's avatar Pietro Incardona
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Small changes int the configure script

parent c472c0d7
openfpm_data @ 6335c722
Subproject commit b76474ffb5aee596202035fd5c2efc215b61caaa
Subproject commit 6335c722fc8888043cba39f0b60256c36142c61e
openfpm_devices @ 669b6006
Subproject commit 79ecba78fae6fce3f797c81393c9c8023a4208fe
Subproject commit 669b60068daa79b454b32b3db50158cff1b49bc4
openfpm_io @ 36f88797
Subproject commit d5d691407e392ca64094d1b2a6008b5ca33eefe9
Subproject commit 36f887970e377808966d6cf5048f4435fd0d3f27
openfpm_numerics @ edb2ea20
Subproject commit 759fb600260b785c9d282c10a9f1d6596767ec78
Subproject commit edb2ea20dc9f8c79ccb5ca61c1b3c01b74e74d31
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