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* test_multiple_o.cpp
* Created on: Feb 5, 2016
* Author: i-bird
* It just test that the compilation with multiple translation unit (*.o) does not
* produce error, if we have duplicated symbol in the translation unit we will get error
#include "Vector/vector_dist.hpp"
#include "Grid/grid_dist_id.hpp"
#include "data_type/aggregate.hpp"
#include "Decomposition/CartDecomposition.hpp"
void f()
// Ghost
Ghost<3,float> g(0.01);
Box<3,float> domain({0.0,0.0,0.0},{1.0,1.0,1.0});
size_t sz[3];
sz[0] = 100;
sz[1] = 100;
sz[2] = 100;
vector_dist<3,float, aggregate<float>, CartDecomposition<3,float> > vd(4096,domain,bc,g);
grid_dist_id<3, float, aggregate<float[3]>, CartDecomposition<3,float>> g_dist(sz,domain,g);
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