Commit 29ccf5e1 authored by incardon's avatar incardon
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Increasing run-time of high scalability test

parent d6289937
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ then
source $HOME/openfpm_vars_master
salloc --nodes=$4 --ntasks-per-node=$5 --time=00:15:00 --mem-per-cpu=1900 --partition=haswell bash -c "ulimit -s unlimited && mpirun -np $3 src/pdata --report_level=no"
salloc --nodes=$4 --ntasks-per-node=$5 --time=00:35:00 --mem-per-cpu=1900 --partition=haswell bash -c "ulimit -s unlimited && mpirun -np $3 src/pdata --report_level=no"
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
curl -X POST --data "payload={\"icon_emoji\": \":jenkins:\", \"username\": \"jenkins\" , \"attachments\":[{ \"title\":\"Error:\", \"color\": \"#FF0000\", \"text\":\"$2 failed to complete the openfpm_pdata test \" }] }"
exit 1 ;
......@@ -33,8 +33,6 @@ void Test3D_unb_ghost(const Box<3,float> & domain, long int k)
// Distributed grid with id decomposition
grid_dist_id<3, float, aggregate<float>, CartDecomposition<3,float>> g_dist(sz,domain,g);
// check the consistency of the decomposition
bool val = g_dist.getDecomposition().check_consistency();
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