Commit 3fcad8ce authored by incardon's avatar incardon
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Release 0.8.0

parent 88bfcb88
openfpm_data @ 4c5587f9
Subproject commit 8104e4b491b20b7b7c74b17ec733729fa3cb5dc3
Subproject commit 4c5587f937e7c7f98f513c03b1314bd3584fda00
openfpm_devices @ c75018e2
Subproject commit 9d5f962e451893510d39b9d3233087f54a510bb7
Subproject commit c75018e21278ba5f5905eb3bc60019a94eb86aab
openfpm_numerics @ 0f726cd2
Subproject commit 5e304636549cf27fd266aaf3e459d4861d4ff096
Subproject commit 0f726cd27883862e5b6ab677c60c74bd333cf847
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