Commit 84e34ec5 authored by Pietro Incardona's avatar Pietro Incardona
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Changing submodule address

parent 30d5d689
[submodule "openfpm_vcluster"]
path = openfpm_vcluster
url = ssh://
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_devices"]
path = openfpm_devices
url = ssh://
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_io"]
path = openfpm_io
url = ssh://
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_data"]
path = openfpm_data
url = ssh://
url = ssh://
[submodule "openfpm_numerics"]
path = openfpm_numerics
url = ssh://
url = ssh://
openfpm_data @ 6948b30a
Subproject commit 51c621a24979b4df3851e12987a6c5a6e5485913
Subproject commit 6948b30a778bbc74f5d3cc29572c891c2f8d77a9
openfpm_io @ cf974ef2
Subproject commit ffeaddc8646f25c2fcd664af3596a8d9b81fdd6a
Subproject commit cf974ef2fe73ae7831d108fa32ff5d86e54022cf
openfpm_numerics @ a9ea8f7d
Subproject commit 90e8aaa87e5626d888ff78918e3161ddffd5a2a0
Subproject commit a9ea8f7d598d205d3deae6aaf9f4ac59354befaf
......@@ -86,6 +86,4 @@ function remove_old()
remove_old "/home/i-bird"
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