Commit 8a89c77d authored by incardon's avatar incardon
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Fixing BOOST detection

parent d82c65ec
......@@ -218,8 +218,8 @@ fi
# eliminate any /usr/lib and and /usr/include from $BOOST_LIB and $BOOST_INCLUDE
BOOST_LDFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_LDFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-L\/usr\/lib64//g' | sed -e 's/-L\/usr\/lib//g')
BOOST_CPPFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_CPPFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-I\/usr\/include//g')
BOOST_LDFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_LDFLAGS" | sed -e 's/ -L\/usr\/lib64[ \b]//g' | sed -e 's/ -L\/usr\/lib[ \b]//g')
BOOST_CPPFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_CPPFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-I\/usr\/include[ \b]//g')
openfpm_data @ 8c0697ce
Subproject commit 90170160c28d16850d43a9c54cbde1f2624d87a1
Subproject commit 8c0697ce972fc6c4f82aefea2750b12c4bd40b18
openfpm_devices @ 990728ad
Subproject commit 2252634e1b618e7da8a2c86a58abaef4747d405e
Subproject commit 990728ade63fe50f19ff82dbd555862c74dc8329
openfpm_io @ a57523c7
Subproject commit 7117dab0c2bc4db60e8313fc83b8792330079719
Subproject commit a57523c7d63fba78fafe6385db759984fc70bc04
openfpm_vcluster @ a8cd9b06
Subproject commit e881918b1ce36402589981ea93d5dcd5b3f5e49a
Subproject commit a8cd9b06236b6956dc0e243c259f12471743f07e
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