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Release 1.0.0

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# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [development]
## [1.0.0] 13 September 2017
### Added
- Introduced getDomainIterator for Cell-list
- Example to show how to add sensors in SPH/particle based methods (see Vector/7_SPH_opt)
- New dynamic load balancing scheme to 7_SPH_opt (see Vector/7_SPH_opt)
- Increased performance of 7_SPH_opt
- Vortex in Cell example Numerics/Vortex_in_cell
- Interpolation functions (see Numerics/vortex_in_cell example)
- Gray-scott 3d example with stencil iterator optimixation (see Grid/gray_scott_3d example)
- Gray-scott 3D example with stencil iterator optimization (see Grid/gray_scott_3d example)
- HDF5 Check point restart for vector_dist particles (see Vector/1_HDF5_save_and_load)
- Raw reader for grid (see ...)
- A way to specify names for properties and select properties to write (in PROGRESS)
- Ghost put on grid (see Vortex in Cell example)
- getDomainIterator stencil for faster stencil codes iterators see (Grid/gray_scott_3d example)
- Added setPropNames to give names to properties (Grid and Vector see Vector/0_simple)
- Ghost put on grid (see Numerics/Vortex_in_Cell example)
- Stencil iterators for faster stencil codes see (Test3D_stencil function in Units tests src/Grid/Iterators/grid_dist_id_iterators_unit_tests.hpp)
- Algebraic multigrid solvers interface for linear systems (see Vortex in Cell example)
- Added setPropNames in vector_dist see Vector/0_simple
- Support for Windows with CYGWIN
### Fixed
- Installation of PETSC in case with MUMPS try without MUMPS
- In case of miss compilation ignore system wide installation
- Bug fixes in installation of PETSC
- 2 Bugs in 7_SPH_opt and 7_SPH_opt error in Kernel and update for boundary particles
- Bug in VTK writer binary in case of vectors
- Bug in VTK writer binary: long int are not supported removing output
......@@ -30,13 +29,14 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
- Bug Performance bug in the grid iterator
### Changed
- CellList types has changed for example
CellList<3, double, FAST, shift<3,double>>
CellList<3, double, Mem_fast<3, double>, shift<3, double>>
- getCellList and getCellListSym now return respectively
CellList_gen<dim, St, Process_keys_lin, Mem_fast, shift<dim, St>>
CellList<dim, St, Mem_fast, shift<dim, St>>
- getIterator in CellList changed getCellIterator
- Grid iterator types has changes (one additional template parameter)
- FDScheme the constructor now has one parameter less (Parameter number 4 has been removed) (see Stokes_Flow examples in Numerics)
- MPI,PETSC,SUPERLU,Trilinos,MUMPS,SuiteSparse has been upgraded
## [0.8.0] 28 February 2017
......@@ -67,14 +67,14 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
### Added
- Symmetric cell-list/verlet list Crossing scheme
- VCluster examples
- cell-list crossing scheme
- Cell-list crossing scheme
### Fixed
- CRITICAL BUG: OpenFPM has a bug handling decomposition when a processor has a disconnected domains
(By experience this case has been seen on big number of processors).
- Found and fixed a memory leak when using complex properties
-### Changed
### Changed
- The file VCluster has been mooved #include "VCluster.hpp" must be changed to #include "VCluster/VCluster.hpp"
......@@ -218,27 +218,5 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
# Planned in the next Releases
## [0.9.0] - Mid March
- Algebraic Multigrid solver
- Parallel VTK, improved visualization
## [0.10.0] - July 2017
### Added
- Dynamic Load Balancies examples and interface fixation
- Check Point restart
- More example and documentations
## [0.9.0] - May 2017
### Added
- Asynchronous communication
- Support for Microsoft Windows with Cygwin
- Defining a domain an invalid domain like Box<2,float> box({0.0,1.0},{0.0,1.0}) (the correct is {0.0,0.0},{1.0,1.0} )
produce dead-lock or unclear error message in SE_CLASS1, not hint is given, added usefull error message
......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@
* Dynamic Sparse Data Exchange or DSDE, is a typical point to point communication in which
* senders know to which processor to receive, but receivers has not knowledge about from
* where they are receiving. OpenFPM use the NBX method or Non blocking consensus exchange.
* (Said without bombastic world each processor wait for incoming messages. Pretty basic achivement
* and technique in standard server programming, pictured bombastic and incredible discovery in MPI)
* (Said without bombastic word each processor wait for incoming messages. Pretty basic achievement
* and technique in standard server programming, presented as bombastic and incredible discovery in MPI)
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