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Adding libhilbert installation

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......@@ -4,6 +4,12 @@
echo "Build on: $2 with $3"
# Check if libHilbert is installed
if [ ! -d $HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_data/LIBHILBERT ]; then
./install_LIBHILBERT $HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_data/ 4
mkdir /tmp/openfpm_data_$3
mv * .[^.]* /tmp/openfpm_data_$3
mv /tmp/openfpm_data_$3 openfpm_data
#! /bin/bash
# check if the directory $1/HDF5 exist
if [ -d "$1/LIBHILBERT" ]; then
echo "LIBHILBERT already installed"
exit 0
rm -rf libhilbert-master
tar -xf libhilbert-master.tar.gz
cd libhilbert-master
mkdir build
cd build
make all
make install
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