Commit 00fcdfcd authored by incardon's avatar incardon

Adding missing files

parent 2f386e81
openfpm_numerics @ 2a836159
Subproject commit ed80b7235b47ba11fed935ec3aa9b1cd3d80bdd4
Subproject commit 2a8361592734205b286e792282784816ff989114
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......@@ -2843,9 +2843,10 @@ public:
template<unsigned int prp>
void compareHostAndDeviceProp(St tol)
void compareHostAndDeviceProp(St tol, St near = -1.0, bool silent = false)
return compare_host_device<typename boost::mpl::at<typename prop::type,
boost::mpl::int_<0> >::type,prp>::compare(v_prp,tol,near,silent);
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