Commit 4b6dfb72 authored by incardon's avatar incardon

Latest modules

parent f75d1963
openfpm_numerics @ 6b5c7f13
Subproject commit bf2080daf547699a6f194603b3c35ab55ab43e1b
Subproject commit 6b5c7f13d3940e261e5218e58e0c243008eecc4e
openfpm_vcluster @ df344ad1
Subproject commit 1257d1e3424ad19037791e6f1c8f72b9f7d12c33
Subproject commit df344ad1e781b02b91b111e0904bd06d9970b042
......@@ -219,12 +219,6 @@ struct cell_list_selector<vector,comp_host>
#ifdef CUDA_GPU
typedef vector_dist_ker<dim,St,prop,layout_base> vdlk_type;
typedef int vdlk_type;
/*! \brief Distributed vector
* This class represent a distributed vector, the distribution of the structure
......@@ -266,7 +260,11 @@ template<unsigned int dim,
typename Memory = HeapMemory,
template<typename> class layout_base = memory_traits_lin>
class vector_dist : public vector_dist_comm<dim,St,prop,Decomposition,Memory,layout_base>,
private vector_dist_ker_list<vdlk_type>
#ifdef CUDA_GPU
private vector_dist_ker_list<vector_dist_ker<dim,St,prop,layout_base>>
private vector_dist_ker_list<int>
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