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Update with link to summer school course material

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......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ Some larger and newer courses have their own repository:
* [IJ Macro Course 2021-02]( (9hrs): From macro basics to batchprocessing and user-interaction.
* **[Intro to Image Analysis 2021-05](** (20h): updated image analysis course for the MPI-CBG PhD program:
* general intro, classic segmentation, machine learning, IJ macro, 3d data processing, registration and tracking, good practices
* [Intro to Image Analysis 2021-07]( (4.5h): Image analysis basics for droplet image data at the Summer School in Protocell Models.
* general intro, classic segmentation, useful resources
#### How-To Guides
* How-To Guides for common image processing tasks:
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