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> devtools::install_deps(dependencies = TRUE, quiet = TRUE)
Installing 48 packages: AnnotationDbi, Biobase, BiocGenerics, BiocParallel, biomaRt, Biostrings, checkmate, clusterProfiler, cowplot, DO.db, DOSE, enrichplot, farver, fastmatch, fgsea, futile.logger, futile.options, ggdendro, ggforce, ggraph, ggrepel, ggridges, GO.db, GOSemSim, graph, graphite, gridExtra, IRanges, lambda.r,,,,,, org.Sc.sgd.db, prettycode, qvalue, reactome.db, ReactomePA, rvcheck, S4Vectors, snow, tweenr, units, UpSetR, viridis, XVector, zlibbioc
Error in i.p(...) :
(converted from warning) installation of package ‘units’ had non-zero exit status
Calls: <Anonymous> ... with_rprofile_user -> with_envvar -> force -> force -> i.p
Execution halted
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1