Commit 8adad069 authored by Peter Steinbach's avatar Peter Steinbach

logging the type of the input data

parent d68767e3
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ def train(train, test, datafraction, optsdict):
x_train -= x_train_mean
x_test -= x_train_mean'x_train shape: %s, %i samples', str(x_train.shape),x_train.shape[0])'x_train shape: {0}, {1} samples ({2})'.format(str(x_train.shape),x_train.shape[0],x_train.dtype))'y_train shape: %s, %i samples', str(y_train.shape),y_train.shape[0])'x_test shape: %s, %i samples', str(x_test.shape),x_test.shape[0])'y_test shape: %s, %i samples', str(y_test.shape),y_test.shape[0])
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