Commit 9a3ff311 authored by steinbac's avatar steinbac

added check for power8 machine

parent cf51f515
......@@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ cmake_host_system_information(RESULT CURRENT_HOSTNAME QUERY HOSTNAME)
if(${CURRENT_HOSTNAME} MATCHES ".*(schorle|scicomp-pc-3|recovery-station).*")
message(">> hostname (${CURRENT_HOSTNAME}): added compass test ")
add_test(NAME compass_impl COMMAND test_compass_impl)
elseif(${CURRENT_HOSTNAME} MATCHES ".*(juron).*")
message(">> hostname (${CURRENT_HOSTNAME}): added power8 test ")
add_test(NAME power8_impl COMMAND test_power8_impl)
message(">> unknown host (${CURRENT_HOSTNAME}): test_compass_impl is unaware of your host ")
message(">> unknown host (${CURRENT_HOSTNAME}): no tests were written for your host ")
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