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Commit efbad3df authored by Peter Steinbach's avatar Peter Steinbach

Merge branch 'more-instruction-sets' of github.com:psteinb/compass into more-instruction-sets

parents f7546fa3 03c623f5
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ ELSEIF(CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME MATCHES "Darwin")
EXEC_PROGRAM("/usr/sbin/sysctl -n machdep.cpu.family" OUTPUT_VARIABLE
EXEC_PROGRAM("/usr/sbin/sysctl -n machdep.cpu.vendor" OUTPUT_VARIABLE
......@@ -262,6 +262,9 @@ ELSEIF(CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME MATCHES "Windows")
wmic_get("Manufacturer" MODEL_VENDOR)
set(CPU_VENDOR "${MODEL_VENDOR}" CACHE STRING "cpu model vendor")
wmic_get("Family" MODEL_FAMILY)
set(CPU_FAMILY "${MODEL_FAMILY}" CACHE STRING "cpu model family")
wmic_get("L2CacheSize" L2_CACHE_SIZE)
wmic_get("NumberOfCores" CPU_NPHYS_CORES)
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