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fixes in <Build> and <Roadmap>

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......@@ -11,11 +11,12 @@ Timer and allocation statistics of a benchmark are stored into a csv file.
CUDA: Check src/CMakeLists.txt for device architectures
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j 4
CMake tries to find the libraries and enables the corresponding make targets.
After make finished you can run e.g. `./gearshifft_cufft_float`.
The result file is called e.g. `gearshifft_cufft_float.csv`.
## Requirements
- cmake 2.8+
......@@ -40,5 +41,6 @@ After make finished you can run e.g. `./gearshifft_cufft_float`.
- [x] cuFFT
- [ ] clFFT: emulation of arbitrary transform sizes / non-supported radices
- [ ] liFFT: include library independent FFT framework
- [ ] integration into test environment (ctest)
- [ ] scripts for creating benchmark summary of the individual results
- [ ] callbacks to benchmark a typical FFT use case
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