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# Hacky Hour on the MPI CBG/CSBD campus
The hacky hour is meant as a common venue for developers to exchange knowledge. The event itself is curiosity driven by the community. The presention should never be longer than 30-40 minutes, so that there is enough time to try things out and ask plenty of questions. The code discussed should be safed and merged into this repo. Note: the code must be in a reproducible shape (use a markdown readme if you don't want to use a build system) so that your peers can reproduce the steps you made at any time.
## Suggesting a topic
Open an issue and describe what you are interested in. At best, name a presenter that is willing to give a presentation. We will then let the community vote for the topic.
## Languages?
Use any of your choice where you believe the community would be willing to use it. For more general discussions, the presentation should be attached to a language that a majority of interested peers is using.
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