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Zeromq Data Transfer develop
- Fixed stopping: The service is shut down if one process dies
- Enabled whitelist for data receiver
- Added tests to check status of fixed data receiver
- Runs now under process name zeromq-data-receiver
- Added init script
- Fixed clean up after shut down
- Enabled combination of data receiver whitelist with ldapsearch
- Added option to enable a clean up thread which checks the directory for missed files
- Version check does not consider bugfixes anymore
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.1.4
- Fixed copied file removal (Part 2)
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.1.3
- Fixed copied file removal (Part 1)
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.1.2
- Fixed too high processor usage
- Fixed suffix check in treewalk after creation of directory
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.1.1
- Fixed error handling with incorrect whitelists
- Fixed version checking
- Added file create time to metadata
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.1.0
- Added file removal safeguard
- Enabled use of IPC internal communication for Linux nodes
- Added exception definitions for dataTransferAPI
- Misc bug fixing
Zeromq Data Transfer 2.0.0
- Added functionality to get Data via HTTP Get
- Redesigned architecture
Zeromq Data Transfer 1.0.0
- Initial implementation
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