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......@@ -6,16 +6,16 @@ featured-img: 2019_05_16_workshopSchedule
# 2nd MLC Workshop Schedule
The registrations for the [second workshop](../../../2019/02/20/workshop.html) of the
Registrations for the [second workshop](../../../2019/03/01/workshop.html) of the
Machine Learning Community Dresden (MLC) are closed now. More than 50
registered participants will be attending the 21 scheduled talks. The final
schedule is as follows:
|10:00 – 11:45|MLC-Orga-Team||Welcome Adress|
|10:00 – 11:45|MLC-Orga-Team||Welcome Address|
| |Graham Appleby |HZDR|Center of Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS)|
| |Guido Juckeland|HZDR|Helmholtz Artifical Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HAICU)|
| |Guido Juckeland|HZDR|Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HAICU)|
| |Nico Hoffmann|HZDR|Learning partial differential equations via neural networks|
| |Stefan Ecklebe|TU Dresden|Model identification for process control applications using machine learning|
| |Lena Jurkschat|ScaDS|NER on financial documents|
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ schedule is as follows:
| |Sarah Schmell|Biotec|Automation of image-based routine diagnostics via deep learning approaches in pathology|
| |Felix Knorr|TU Dresden|How well can an SVM deal with noise and small samples|
| |Peter Steinbach|MPI-CBG|Adversarial Attacks on Medical Imaging Revisited|
| |Ronald Tetzlaff|TU Dresden|Bio-inspired computing by Cellular Neuronal Networds|
| |Ronald Tetzlaff|TU Dresden|Bio-inspired computing by Cellular Neuronal Networks|
| |Pavol Mikolas|TU Dresden|Development of a machine learning classifier to identify ADHD in real-world clinical data|
| |Sebastian Starke|HZDR/OncoRay|Deep-learning based prediction of cancer recurrence risks|
|17:15 – 17:30| | |Wrap-up|
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ We are a grass-roots movement of Deep Learning practitioners in Dresden, Germany
* Peter Steinbach
([MPI-CBG](, [Scionics](
* Peter Winkler
([TU Dresden, ZIH](
([ScaDS](, [TU Dresden](
* Steffen Seitz
([TU Dresden](
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