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# Compartmentalised RNA catalysis in membrane - free coacervate protocells
## Codes
### Fiji plugin
The file 'Frap_in_Fiji.ijm' had to be located in the plugins folder of the Fiji distribution to
### For Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching
#### Fiji plugin
The file 'Frap_in_Fiji.ijm' had to be located in the plugins folder of the Fiji distribution.
The plugin asked for the folder containing the microscope images.
Images were now opened by Fiji and displayed to the user including saved ROIs.
ROIs could adjusted before user confirmation.
Date were extracted and saved in the 'Analysis' subfolder
### Matlab scripts
The 'BuildAndFit.m' script
* loading data
* normalisation
* call fit function 'FitFRAP.m"
* call plotting function "FRAPplot.m'
Descriptive text
The 'FitFRAP.m' script
* input from 'BuildAndFit.m'
* fit data to equation 5 in the manuscript
* returns optimised parameters
* Bulleted list
* Bullet 2
* Nested bullet
* Bullet 3
The 'FRAPplot.m' script
* needs parameters from FitFRAP
* calculate diffusion constants
* plot results
[Example link](
### For Fitting of Kinetics
The scripts 'SaturFitMonoExp.m' and 'SaturFitBiExp.m'
* input is a kinetic data array and a vector containing corresponding timepoints
* data fitting to either single exponential ('SaturFitMonoExp.m') or biexponential ('SaturFitBiExp.m') function
* returns optimised parameters and fit function
## Data availability
All Data could be downloaded upon request at coresponding author* via this
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