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Detect potential installation problems

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......@@ -327,6 +327,25 @@ if [ x"$MPI_valid" == x"yes" ]; then
exit 1
#### Detect a potential dangerous situation ###
#### In which g++ is different from mpic++ ###
output_mpi=$(mpic++ --version)
output_gcc=$(g++ -- version)
if [ x"$output_mpi" != x"$output_gcc" ]; then
echo -e "\033[91;5;1m MPI dangerous installation \033[0m"
echo "Performing a \"which mpic++ --version\", we detect that your installed mpic++ does not wrap the standard command g++"
echo "In general we strongly disencourage to override the default compiler(s) and this configuration is not supported by OpenFPM because lead to several problems"
echo "1) All system wide dependencies become potentially useless"
echo "2) It is not possible to distinguish which compiler has been used to compile one dependencies"
echo -e "For just the time of the installation the installer will realign mpic++ to g++, unfortunately this could be not enough to ensure that all the dependencies has been compiled with the same compiler"
echo -e "Installation will resume in 20 seconds"
sleep 20
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