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Activating cuda on cpu

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......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ fi
echo "Compiling on $2"
sh ./
sh ./configure CXX=mpic++ --with-hdf5=$HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_io/$branch/HDF5 --with-boost=$HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_io/$branch/BOOST --with-pdata=../../openfpm_pdata/
sh ./configure CXX=mpic++ --with-hdf5=$HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_io/$branch/HDF5 --with-boost=$HOME/openfpm_dependencies/openfpm_io/$branch/BOOST --with-pdata=../../openfpm_pdata/ --enable-cuda-on-cpu
make VERBOSE=1 -j 4
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