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* stoke_flow_eq_3d.hpp
* Created on: May 28, 2016
* Author: i-bird
// Model the equations
constexpr unsigned int v[] = {0,1,2};
constexpr unsigned int P = 3;
constexpr unsigned int ic = 3;
typedef Field<v[x],lid_nn_3d> v_x;
typedef Field<v[y],lid_nn_3d> v_y;
typedef Field<v[z],lid_nn_3d> v_z;
typedef Field<P,lid_nn_3d> Prs;
// Eq1 V_x
typedef mul<eta,Lap<v_x,lid_nn_3d>,lid_nn_3d> eta_lap_vx;
typedef D<x,Prs,lid_nn_3d> p_x;
typedef minus<p_x,lid_nn_3d> m_p_x;
typedef sum<eta_lap_vx,m_p_x,lid_nn_3d> vx_eq;
// Eq2 V_y
typedef mul<eta,Lap<v_y,lid_nn_3d>,lid_nn_3d> eta_lap_vy;
typedef D<y,Prs,lid_nn_3d> p_y;
typedef minus<p_y,lid_nn_3d> m_p_y;
typedef sum<eta_lap_vy,m_p_y,lid_nn_3d> vy_eq;
// Eq3 V_z
typedef mul<eta,Lap<v_z,lid_nn_3d>,lid_nn_3d> eta_lap_vz;
typedef D<z,Prs,lid_nn_3d> p_z;
typedef minus<p_z,lid_nn_3d> m_p_z;
typedef sum<eta_lap_vz,m_p_z,lid_nn_3d> vz_eq;
// Eq4 Incompressibility
typedef D<x,v_x,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> dx_vx;
typedef D<y,v_y,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> dy_vy;
typedef D<z,v_z,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> dz_vz;
typedef sum<dx_vx,dy_vy,dz_vz,lid_nn_3d> ic_eq;
// Directional Avg
typedef Avg<x,v_y,lid_nn_3d> avg_x_vy;
typedef Avg<z,v_y,lid_nn_3d> avg_z_vy;
typedef Avg<y,v_x,lid_nn_3d> avg_y_vx;
typedef Avg<z,v_x,lid_nn_3d> avg_z_vx;
typedef Avg<y,v_z,lid_nn_3d> avg_y_vz;
typedef Avg<x,v_z,lid_nn_3d> avg_x_vz;
// Directional Avg
typedef Avg<x,v_y,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_x_vy_f;
typedef Avg<z,v_y,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_z_vy_f;
typedef Avg<y,v_x,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_y_vx_f;
typedef Avg<z,v_x,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_z_vx_f;
typedef Avg<y,v_z,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_y_vz_f;
typedef Avg<x,v_z,lid_nn_3d,FORWARD> avg_x_vz_f;
#define EQ_1 0
#define EQ_2 1
#define EQ_3 2
#define EQ_4 3
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