Commit d90755e3 authored by incardon's avatar incardon
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New BOOST macro

parent b1606da8
......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ fi
# eliminate any /usr/lib and and /usr/include from $BOOST_LIB and $BOOST_INCLUDE
BOOST_LDFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_LDFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-L\/usr\/lib//g')
BOOST_LDFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_LDFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-L\/usr\/lib64//g' | sed -e 's/-L\/usr\/lib//g')
BOOST_CPPFLAGS=$(echo "$BOOST_CPPFLAGS" | sed -e 's/-I\/usr\/include//g')
openfpm_data @ 2a0f6aa8
Subproject commit 405d899bcbdd1a759442aec172d9ad35eb5ae63f
Subproject commit 2a0f6aa8e0d04c41722c9bb7c3c82ff1c6a7a393
openfpm_devices @ d029df30
Subproject commit b510a7fd8d921553a3bdf9381406dd2ecffafeea
Subproject commit d029df30bee9e3866860579ce9adb85d80fa2b8f
openfpm_io @ ba2a9eb2
Subproject commit 8282cb1d20325e4002b0e2d4384c8cfc70f59756
Subproject commit ba2a9eb22820165ccbebf495180d8cd18d86da55
openfpm_vcluster @ f8e1079b
Subproject commit 0361b4c089842583f86b5a4ac4f7747509d234b0
Subproject commit f8e1079b7d2f4ddcbc15e76b401f05b2abfd330e
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