Commit ddf08fcd authored by Pietro Incardona's avatar Pietro Incardona
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Fixing install script

parent 63c00279
openfpm_data @ 4dd1c489
Subproject commit bdd22b64c819f28fb4072f41bcf353a7b856d521
Subproject commit 4dd1c48908ee11689363c790e98515cdf33cc13d
openfpm_io @ 2eb9ae6c
Subproject commit cf974ef2fe73ae7831d108fa32ff5d86e54022cf
Subproject commit 2eb9ae6c4a8a89f12a7e516a93ede2d1c559a482
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ function remove_old()
## Get the previos openFPM installation
previous_inst=$(cat $PWD/install_dir)
if [ x"$previous_inst" !=x "" ]; then
if [ x"$previous_inst" != x"" ]; then
echo "Found previous installation"
if [ -d "$previous_inst/openfpm_pdata" ]; then
echo "Removing the folder: $previous_inst/openfpm_pdata"
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